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CAAMHP dBA Center for Medical Physics, LLC

Provider of comprehensive medical & health physics services predominantly in northern california including bay area, sacramento, central valley and northern part of los angeles county.

Our physicists are local to northern & southern california & take pride in the local connections we have built over the years.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive medical & health physics services:

Our Services

Our Services

ACR Accreditation

ACR accreditation in CT, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, PET-CT & Nuclear Medicine Cameras

Joint Commission Accreditation

Meet Joint Commission Standards as it applies to use of X-ray,  radioisotopes and MRI safety 

Equipment evaluation in all Imaging Modalities

Annual & after repair equipment testing in all imaging modalities to meet CA Title 17, MQSA, ACR & Joint Commission requirements

Shielding Design & Verification

Shielding Evaluation for new or reconstructed facility per NCRP-147, 49 &  OSHPOD guidelines

Radiation Safety 

Radiation safety evaluation, fetal & patient dose estimation, patient & radiation worker dose management according to CA Title 17, Federal 10CFR20 &10CFR35

Nuclear Medicine Services

Nuclear medicine quarterly audits, dose  calibrator, well counter calibration, sealed source leak test, etc. RSO services.

Education & Training

DOT training, MRI Safety training , general radiation safety training in high dose fluoroscopy - cardiology & Interventional radiology 

Facility Audit 

Facility audit in preparation for State, ACR or Joint Commission inspection to assure compliance with regulations

Dosimetry Badge Review

Periodic review of occupational dosimetry badge, pregnant badge to assure DDE, LDE, SDE are all within State of CA limits and follow ALARA principle


Ready to find out more?

Please fill out the form below to have a CAAMHP representative contact you or call us for any questions that you may have regarding:

    - Equipment testing in any imaging modality

    - Compliance issues 

    - Inquiry about Radiation / MRI Safety training

    - Quote for any services needed

    - Scheduling etc...


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